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Facility-Specific Solutions


Depending on what kind of fitness center you operate, some of our facility-specific solutions might be right for your goals and members. Check out RFID to streamline the exercise experience, digital TV if you’d like to add a little extra entertainment, remote audio to coordinate with your mounted big screens, or IPTV and Pro:Idiom if you do business in the hospitality channel.


RFID is a smart way to streamline your members’ exercise experience. Simple radio-frequency tags make check-in, program loading and workout tracking completely touch-free and virtually automatic. Members can even use RFID with your existing RFID-compatible vending machines, kiosks and in-facility sales centers for quick buys of your branded merchandise, snacks, beverages and more. RFID can make your members’ every interaction easy and smooth.

Partner Integrations

Our technology infrastructure allows two-way communication between your existing training and tracking platforms and our solutions. That means you can continue to use what's working well for you today.

Your members can receive training assignments and track progress that is shared between solutions. The best part is that members can use the same login they already use in your facility, so the member experience is completely seamless.

TV Entertainment


Keep users motivated and help them achieve their fitness goals with our 41 cm / 16" attachable viewing screen. We offer only the very best in screen technology, so your members won’t find brighter images or a sharper picture anywhere else. Our FITCONNEXION bracket fully integrates console controls and wiring for power and cable.


Hotels can sync their entertainment slates so guests experience the same program lineups on their cardio equipment as they do in their rooms, the lounge and the hotel bar. IPTV creates a seamless entertainment experience for guests and affords properties the most control over their offering


Designed for the hospitality industry, Pro:Idiom encrypts high-definition video signals to protect content providers from piracy. With our Pro:Idiom-compatible console and digital TV options, hotel guests can stop a favorite movie or TV show in their room and pick up right where they left off when they reach the hotel fitness center.


If your facility utilizes several large, mounted televisions, we can enhance users’ listening experience. Our wireless receivers deliver excellent sound to ensure a synchronized audio-video experience for your customers.