Unique Training Programs


Make every workout a fresh and unique experience by adding our special interactive programs. Count on our programs to create exercise experiences that will set your facility apart from others, engage your members on a whole new level and keep them coming back for more.

Virtual Active

Our Virtual Active workouts transport exercise enthusiasts to exotic locales all over the world. The beautiful forward motion, high-definition footage speeds up or slows down to match the user’s pace, and resistance or incline varies to match the terrain. When it comes to the most immersive workout available, nothing can take your members on a journey like Virtual Active.

Virtual Coaching

Matrix Virtual Active workouts include a Guided Workout option in which a trainer appears in the upper left corner, providing instruction and encouragement for a more effective exercise experience.


Add challenge, motivation and interest to stair climbing with more than 20 globe-spanning Landmarks program. Stepper and ClimbMill workouts become exhilarating journeys to the top of natural and man-made wonders of the world. Includes stunning photography and quick-read information that can help members broaden their worldly knowledge every time they load the program.

Sprint 8

Build member loyalty with Sprint 8, developed specifically to give your members results that keep them coming back. Sprint 8 is a scientifically validated program that uses high-intensity exercise to stimulate natural human growth hormone, efficiently burning fat and building muscle.

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