Sprint 8 Workout Training Program


The Fitness Evolution

Sprint 8®is an efficient, fat-burning HIIT workout that gives you a complete cardio exercise experience, including warm-up and cool-down, in just 20 minutes. Since high-intensity cardio exercises are among the best exercise for weight loss, most people see results in just 8 weeks or less. Sprint 8 is an efficient and effective way to maximize your health and physique.

So much more than a HIIT workout
When you use the Sprint 8 training program, people of all shapes and sizes can hit the ground running from the start, equipment will automatically change speed and elevation or resistance during the workout as it moves through your sprint and recovery intervals

Shorter + More Intense Workout

It is possible to accomplish more. The Sprint 8 program delivers better results in less time and with fewer workouts than you would expect. It is an exclusive, science-based anaerobic interval training regimen that uses intensity to optimize the effort you put in. This 20-minute HIIT workout is a user friendly program with simple steps that are easy to understand whether you’re using a treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical. With Sprint 8, it is possible to accomplish more.

Different training levels

Beginner Level

New to exercise or getting back into working out.


Able to bounce back quickly after workouts. Working on technique.

Advanced Level

Consistently working out. Able to push your body further.

Elite Level

Training at the highest levels. Experienced and seeking improved performance.

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