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How to Fully Utilise Your Treadmill

How to Fully Utilise Your Treadmill

Monique Kristie |

4 exercises that burn fat and push you the extra mile on your machine


The steady run, staring at the screen or clock, counting the calories and eagerly waiting until you reach that 10km mark before hitting the STOP button as fast as you can…does this sound familiar? If so, this post will outline exactly how to get the most out of not only your treadmill but your workout, burning fat and most importantly – keeping exercise exciting for you and your clients!


Walking and Jogging Intervals

This is a great technique for beginners those recovering from an injury, or as a warmup for advanced runners.

Follow a schedule like the one outlined below:

1:1 ratio

1 minute of waling

1 minute of jogging

Rinse and repeat for as much time as you have, 30 minutes is a good starting point.

As you continue to get into a rhythm, you’ll notice that soon enough you’ll be increasing your jogging speed and wanting to jog for longer intervals than you will want to walk.

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Treadmill Sprints

Want to run further and faster? This is the next level up on your walking and jogging intervals when they get too easy.

Follow these steps:

Straddle your treadmill with both feet placed on the solid edges on either side of the running belt. Turn your treadmill up to sprinting speed

Jump onto the moving treadmill, making sure to hold onto the side for initial support and stability. Once you steady yourself, take your hands off the sides and run as you naturally would.

Sprint for 15 seconds

Take a 45 second break

Repeat for 7-10 minutes

As your body warms up and your fitness increases over time, increase your sprinting interval time and decrease your break times.

If jumping onto the moving treadmill is difficult, bring the speed down to a walk between sprints.

Hill Workout

Lots of treadmills have a built-in hill workout in them, but if they don’t you can simply create one yourself.

Hill workouts are meant to be very intense, usually set at a steep incline. It’s important to listen to your body and know your limits and adjust your hill setting accordingly – don’t go too steep if you’re a beginner.

Set the incline of your treadmill until you feel a comfortable but steep hill and try to run at speed in the following intervals:

Run for 20 seconds

Reduce incline (or hop off) for 10 seconds

Continue for around 4 minutes.

Incorporating inclines into your running routine for variety and the feel of a real outdoor run.

10 Minute HIIT Workout

This is the ultimate treadmill workout for beginners. It builds leg and core muscles, and burns hundreds of calories.

The trick to this interval training is to increase your jogging speed every time you complete your walking interval.

Walk 2 minutes at a brisk pace, but not breaking a jog.

Turn the treadmill up to moderate speed and jog for 2 minutes at that pace.

Now walk for one minute to rest.

Turn the treadmill up to a higher moderate speed than before and jog for 2 minutes.

Walk for 30 seconds to rest.

Turn the treadmill up to a fast moderate speed and jog for 45 seconds.

Walk for 30 seconds to rest.

Turn the treadmill up to a fast speed and jog for 45 seconds.

Walk for 30 seconds to rest.

Turn the treadmill up to a faster speed again and jog for 1.15 minutes.

Walk to cool down.

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