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What a Good Break

What a Good Break

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Matrix Fitness is offering an innovative piece, the breaker bench. With only a short time on the market, it has already been rated as number 1 choice for bench and shoulder press. Their success predominantly extends to premium fitness clubs in Australia such as Goodlife, World Gym, Fitness First and SNAP as it has been an overly popular piece within various clubs.

Unique pivoting uprights on our Breaker Benches optimally place the bar for greater comfort, easier take offs and increased efficiency. But that’s not the main reason our breakers are so popular.

It is a simple and intuitive design. It requires no instruction. No warning stickers. No learning curve. The pivoting breaker bench makes it possible to comfortably and securely bench press without a spotter, and it does that with a mechanism that tilts the bar into the optimal lifting place. As an added bonus, the slight pivot minimizes the strain on the shoulder that the lifter would otherwise feel when positioning the bar—even with the assistance of a spotter. It does it automatically and consistently. Every lift is the same.

The technology is pretty remarkable on its own, but it’s what we did next that made the biggest difference for our customers. We incorporated some slight industrial design changes—cosmetics, really—to make it obvious and easy for even first-time users. For example, we made the movement arm a different colour so it’s clear that it is a different part. We also coated the bars with a custom urethane guarding to dampen noise and minimize wear on the bar. That made it more facility-friendly.

A lot of machines can accommodate users of different sizes and abilities, but they require a series of adjustments to ensure a proper form and fit. They are effective, but incredibly complex. Not the breaker bench. It works for a huge variety of users just as it is. It provides the perfect lifting pattern in every instance. And no one has to explain it—it explains itself.

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