Vision Fitness

When it comes to your fitness facility, you can be confident Vision has the knowledge and experience to deliver equipment that fits your space, your budget and the people you serve.

The Right Products for Your People

Everything we make is designed to be uncomplicated, durable and modern. Our commitment to simplicity means users of all kinds can step up to Vision equipment and get a workout started right away. Our tough designs stand up to hard use in busy environments, and a refined aesthetic creates a welcoming workout environment for all the people you serve.

The Value of Vertical Integration

Almost every component in our equipment comes from our own production network. Our facilities are among the most sophisticated in the industry, with clean rooms that eliminate impurities and robotics and skilled workers that maintain the highest international standards. We audit any component we don’t make, ensuring every part works together flawlessly.


Explore our complete exercise library to help everyone who visits your facility get more out of every workout. We’ll demonstrate everything you need to know to help your people take on a wide range of workouts that are as effective as they are efficient. We’ll even show you how to use select accessories to take workouts to the next level.