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How to clean your indoor exercise bike

How to clean your indoor exercise bike

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So, you got a nice indoor exercise bike for home. You also got a solid exercise regime in place to help you reach your fitness goals this year and because you’re on top of your game you’ve had a few vigorous workouts on your bike. Intense cycling workouts equals plenty of sweat and grime build up but if you’re not careful, your own sweat can severely damage your indoor exercise bike.

You intend to keep it for a while, you need to consistently clean and look after your exercise bike. Don’t be put off by the prospect of having something else to clean in your house because all this maintenance can be done in under a few minutes. Your wallet and bike will thank you in the long run.

Clean your Frame Frequently

You should be wary of sweat and water that could have contacted the frame of your exercise bike. After every workout, source the wet spots on your frame, pedals, seat, and frame. If sweat and water fluids sit on your indoor exercise bike for long periods of time, it increases the chance of corrosion on the frame as well as the deterioration of the soft-touch materials.

The best way to avoid this is to make a quick DIY cleaning solution by mixing 10 percent hand soap and 90 percent warm water in a spray bottle. To clean your exercise bike, spray the solution on any part of the bike that may have been in contact with fluid. Then quickly wipe off the solution with a non-abrasive cotton or microfiber cloth.

It is also highly advisable to disinfect your bike after every workout. You can either use a store-bought disinfectant solution or you can make your own solution by mixing half a cup of warm water and half a cup of regular white vinegar into a spray bottle.

No matter what solutions you choose, cleaning your exercise bike after every workout is the quick and easy way to avoid corrosion and deterioration from the build of up dust, dirt, grime, sweat and other liquids.

Check your Belt or Chain Drive

Exercise bikes can apply either a chain or belt-drive system to connect with the flywheel. Chain-drive mechanisms feel like you are riding a traditional, although they do require monthly maintenance to keep it in top shape. Belt-drive mechanisms, however, deliver smoother ride but they require little maintenance. Clean off the dust and dirt using your DIY cleaning solution and quickly wipe off the solution using a non-abrasive cloth.

Keep a Clean Space

Another thing to remember is to keep your exercise bike in your home and not leave your bike outside under the weather for long periods of times. Areas that are unpredictably damp or extreme in temperature can cause serious destruction to the soft-touch materials, metal frame, and drive mechanism of your bike. So, make sure not to leave your bike outside for long periods, it is called an indoor exercise bike for a reason!

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