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Recumbent bikes vs Upright bikes. What is the best for you?

Recumbent bikes vs Upright bikes. What is the best for you?

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So you’re in the market for an indoor bike at home or you’ve just joined the new local gym and you’re wondering what bike you should be using. You’re familiar with the standard indoor cycle bike but there are other bike options you’re not too familiar with. Recumbent bikes? Upright bikes? Who knew there could be so many options? Isn’t there just one type of exercise bike? Not really, no.

The differences between a recumbent bike and an upright bike

So, what’s the difference between a recumbent bike and an upright bike? A recumbent bike or cycle is a bike that allows a user to sit in a comfortable position as the rider reclines against a backrest. The distinctive frame of the bike allows the user to sit much closer to the ground while working out. In comparison to the standard indoor upright bikes, a recumbent bike has a bigger seat, a wide cushioned back seat, and pedals located in the front instead of in line with the body as seen in upright bikes and other standard indoor bikes.

Recumbent bikes are better for beginners, Seniors, or those with joint issues

Recumbent bikes are great for those who are new to cardio or if you are a first-time indoor bike rider, as they are more comfortable than other exercise equipment because of their reclined position. Also due to the recline positioning of the bike, users could also read, play with their phone, or watch the television comfortably while exercising which encourages users to stay on the bike for longer without getting bored. They’re also great for seniors and those who have hip, knee and general joint straining issues as the recumbent bikes are gentle on the hips and knees.

Upright bikes are better for those who are looking to an exercise motion that closely mimics the feel of an outdoor cycling bike as it provides a more consistent workout that is like outdoor bike riding.

Quick compare the differences between recumbent bikes vs upright bikes

Recumbent Bikes Upright Bikes
Comfortable sitting position Whole body and cardiovascular exercise
Pedals located in front of the body Smaller seat, like an outdoor bike
Reclined body position Upright body position
Larger, wider seat with full back support Upright seating position may cause upper body tension and fatigue
Helps reduce upper body tension and muscle fatigue Limited to little upper body support, more consistent workout like outdoor bike riding

Regardless of which type of cardio bike you choose to use; your workout routine is only as effective as the consistency, time, and effort you put into each session. If you’re in the market for a quality recumbent bike or upright bike, check out our range of recumbent bikes here and upright bikes here, we have a bike to suit any budget and needs.

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