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Horizon Fitness Indoor Cycle Console

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Each of the models comes with an optional LCD display (5”/12.7 cm) console. If the console is not purchased, the cycles come standard with a device shelf.

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Each of the models comes with an optional LCD display (5”/12.7 cm) console. If the console is not purchased, the cycles come standard with a device shelf.

The consoles are Polar compatible to wirelessly project users’ heart rates. This also allows users to use the HR interval program.

The display provides valuable feedback such as: time, distance, calories, heart rate, RPM, speed and battery level.


Workout Programs: HIIT

The HIIT workout program is based on resistance. It is comprised of 4 levels: L1, L2, L3 and L4 (easiest resistance level to hardest resistance level). The level is indicated in the middle of the circle.

Users define what is easy versus hard for them. They can turn their micro-adjustable tension control knobs (GR3 & GR6) or move their resistance levers (GR7) to make these changes as the program directs them to change levels.

Workout Programs: Speed Intervals

This speed training program is based on RPMs (which are displayed in the center of the circle).

As the program progresses, the target (circled in red) moves back and forth along the circle indicating when users should increase or decrease their RPMs. The dotted line along the inside of the circle shows users how far they are from reaching the target.

Changes in RPM are made by either increasing/ decreasing speed or resistance, or both.

Include Workout Programs: HR Intervals

This HR training program is based on heart rate. In order to complete this workout, users need to connect their heart rate monitor to the console (Polar compatible)

The heart rate that is projected on the screen via the user’s monitor (red circle) should match the HR goal displayed in the circle (red rectangle) as the program progresses.

Target indicator*

Glow Ride Lighting System

The light indicators act as a virtual coach to show users what body position they should be in at each stage of their workout. This interaction and variety keep users engaged.

Product Specifications

Heart Rate Wireless heart rate, Polar compatible
Display Wireless 5″ LCD
Workout Feedback Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, RPM, Speed, Battery rate and watts
Programs HIIT, Speed Intervals, Heart Rate Intervals
Features Glow Ride Lighting System
Compatibility Horizon GR3, GR6 and GR7 indoor bikes
Frame (not coating) 5 years
Motor 5 years
Parts 2 years
Labour 1 year

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