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Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer (Showroom Model)

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Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer

Add our S-Drive Performance Trainer to existing circuit training programs to offer members power walking, running, HIIT, sled-pushing, resistance sprinting and agility training options in one space-saving footprint. Magnetic resistance is easily adjusted to a wide range of ability levels. Includes training protocols for large and small circuit training programs.

Our MATRIX S-DRIVE Performance Trainer adds a new dimension to virtually any circuit training program. The self-powered design makes it easy to integrate and its unmatched versatility provides a wide range of intense exercises to keep users engaged and push their limits

This model does not come with console. This is a DEMO unit.

Product Features

ADJUSTABLE HARNESS: Easily adjustable design offers a complete range of upper-body movement while helping coaches observe multiple sprint phases.

ELEVATE SPRINTING: The 7-degree incline and natural ground reaction force are ideal for building strength and explosiveness in sprint training without changing the athlete's natural gait.

ENHANCE RESISTANCE TRAINING: A parachute brake with multiple settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance, perfect for resisted sprint drills without extra gear or access to a large track or field.

Drive System Dual magnetic maintenance free brakes
BELT TYPE Forbo, commercial grade
USER HARNESS Adjustable, connection free harness
SPEED RANGE User defined
RESISTANCE LEVELS 11 parachute, 8 sled
DECK TYPE Reversible, 2.5 cm / 1”
STEP-ON HEIGHT 17.8 cm / 7”
RUNNING AREA 152 x 51 cm / 60” x 22”
Tech Specs
PRODUCT WEIGHT 122.5 kg / 270 lbs.
SLED BRAKE MAXIMUM RESISTANCE 122.5 kg / 270-lb. sled on natural turf
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 195 x 88.3 x 150 cm / 76.8” x 34.8” x 59” (L x W x H)
SHIPPING WEIGHT 145.2 kg / 320 lbs.
MAX USER WEIGHT 182 kg / 400 lbs.
Matrix Home Use Matrix Commercial
Frame (not coating) 7 years 7 years
Motor 5 years 3 years
Parts 2 years 2 years
Labour 2 years 1 year

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