Pro Series Olympic Bumper Plates

Pro Series Olympic Bumper Plates

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The Pro Series Olympic Bumper Plates are premium and commercial quality, used at Australia's most elite sport clubs, ADF bases, and high-usage facilities. In a range of sizes and colours, these bumper plates have a bright aesthetic, whilst offering maximum performance and endurance to your facility. 

  • Available from 5kg to 25kg 
  • Traditional Olympic colours for easy size recognition
  • All sizes 450mm diameter 
  • Suitable for home, PT or commercial use


Inclusion (In Pairs): 5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG and 25KG
Plate Dimensions

Size / weight Colour Diameter Thickness
2.5kg Black 450mm 16mm
5kg Black 450mm 30mm
10kg Green 450mm 35mm
15kg Yellow 450mm 38mm
20kg Blue 450mm 50mm
25kg Red 450mm 60mm


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